After instaling CTM my windows xp wont start

HI everyone i am Junior.

I decided to install CTM on my computer, to have a secure backup. When finished instaling it asks to reboot (like most programs).
I restarted the comp, and before booting windows it installs itself again. It got to 99% didnt go any further for 3o mins, so i turned off computer. When i went to turn back on. after the BIOS message, COMODO appears again with “comodo time machine press HOME key to get console” (if i press home key or dont press anything it doesnt make a diference), and all i get after that is a black screen with jumbled up letters…
Helpplease. I just formated today.

Sorry for this post, i fixed the problem. I inserted a windows xp disk, went on to the repair option and did a “fixboot”, computer working properly.


Any other incompatible program running in your computer? Encryption?