After initial full backup, how to do incremental

When I installed CB and ran my initial full backup, I didn’t use the custom backup option. A wizard screen appeared with icons that said My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, and My Music. I checked all 4 and did a full backup to a CBU file on my local FreeNAS server. Backup ran fine. Now, I want to go ahead and run incremental where only files in the existing backup that change are backed up again, and no other files are included in the backup. I would like to keep both the old version and new version of the files (i.e. don’t want incremental to overwrite old version after a change, but can accept that if necessary).

Opening the wizard and choosing just those 4 “categories” for backup now (My: music, photos, docs, videos) and clicking “local backup,” (with my default settings) it does not give me an option to change from full to incremental–does that mean I have to set up a custom backup? It’s important to me to save space on my server so I don’t want duplicate backups. Thank you for your help and time.

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You can’t perform incremental backup on a full backup; incremental backup can only performed on a incremental backup.

Valentin N

Ok thank you. For somebody that’s concerned about space, then, would you recommend deleting my full backup and starting over with incremental? And if I do, do I have to individually choose each folder to backup or will a wizard find my docs, pics, vids, and music?

There are several ways to solve it, 1) upgrade hardware, hdd in this case, 2) you try to upload the essential stuff on cloud, Wuala and dropbox are two exemple, 3) You delete the current backup after making a copy on a dvd, 4) you delete just like that.

I think it’s best if you select the wanted folder; you know what’s backed up and what’s not, controll in other words.

None of those are really options for me because it’s a 36GB backup and I can’t afford upgrading to larger hard drives. I’ll just delete it and set up a new incremental manually. C’est la vie. Thanks again for your help.