After every update comp. freezes

Installed Comodo on Linux Mint 13 Xfce .Great scanner .
Slows comp in seirous manner during scanning ,can live with that.

After every update the screen freezes and comp needs to be rebooted every time again.
Several times a day .Is there a solution for this?
Otherwise i’m forced to return to Clamav.

hi pga,

I suppose this does not have anything to do with COMODO AntiVirus. I suppose this has to do with your RAM.

To get this sorted out, I would need the following information:


to see, how much RAM your machine has and which processor works in it. Because: Intel Atom would not be enough to run Ubuntu on it. But: there is a way out of this.

If your machine is already an older one, then install Lubuntu on it or even Xubuntu. And then your COMODO should run flawlessly.

But as mentioned first: please let us see these informations.

Thanks in advance.