After encrpyting, computer no longer boots up, doesn't ask for the CDE password

I successfully used CDE on my NEC laptop running XP without a hitch. I encrypted the hard drive and decrypted it and then encrpyted it again trying stronger algorithims. I was so impressed with CDE that I decided to use it on my Desktop as well.
I ran the disk encryption on my desktop exactly the same way, to encrypt the whole C drive.
Expecting a password prompt, just like on the laptop, when restarting the computer just after it finished encrpyting, I was disapointed.
No password prompt
Just a message instead saying “err2err3”
typing anything just gets me “boot load failure non system disk”

The only difference in this comapared to the laptop, is the presario desktop runs vista instead of xp. The destop hard drive is a SATA2 hitachi, and the restore partition isn’t hidden like on the laptop. :frowning:

can I make a rescue disk on my laptop and use it?

if so do i change my encryption algorithims to be the same ones as on my desktop first?