After Comodo Firewall update, popup on every bootup asking to install something

After a Comodo Firewall update a few days ago, every time I boot up or restart Windows 10, there is a popup window asking me to install something. Each time I uncheck the box and press skip, but it always comes back again. How can I make the window go away permanently?

It says:
"We recommend keeping Comodo Internet Security up to date to prevent your computer from being at risk. Comodo Internet Security uses a powerful combination of virus monitoring, Auto-Containment and behavior analysis technologies to immediately protect your computer from all known and unknown malware.

Enhance my web browsing experience by setting Yahoo! as my home page, new tab and default search engine (all supported browsers)"

The 2 options are either Skip or Accept.

I remember in the past updates, if I press accept, something would install that I didn’t want. So I always press skip. What will happen if I press Accept instead?

Just uncheck the checkbox and press Accept and you’re good.

I’ve tried this 2 times (unchecking the box and pressing accept), but the window still pops up on every restart / bootup.

The window pop up should disappear after the second restart, did it?

No it’s already the 3rd or 4th time and there was only the checkbox for Yahoo, and not the other features, which I unchecked.

Hopefully mods, Staff or someone else can provide help here.

Otherwise I would say uninstall CIS using the standard Windows Remove Programs way and after that also use CIS CleanupTool (don’t forget to reboot twice) to remove any CIS leftovers.
Then install CIS again using either the online or offline installer.

Hello. I have the exact same issue. Can’t stope the Comodo Install popup after every reboot no matter which options I select.

Did the above suggestion solve the issue?


It is really best to uninstall and then reinstall CIS as described above as it is not normal behavior that CIS shows the popup after every reboot.
Trying to fix the popup in another way may lead to other unwanted issues.
Best to start anew with a fresh and clean CIS install.

Hi srthsdgfbhsgfjsrty & jtthewoodworker,

Do you still facing this issue ?


I know this thread is from last year—but I was having this very problem too, even though I’d updated to the latest CPF version ( So it can still happen. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it.

I thought it’d be a good idea to run the Comodo Uninstaller before reinstalling, as is recommended here. But I had a hard time finding it. Comodo has this “How to use” page, but frustratingly, it doesn’t include a link to actually download the program! Nor could I find a DL link anywhere else on Comodo’s site. I finally found it here on (a very long-established, reputable software site):

Comodo Internet Security: Custom Uninstaller

Cheers, A.

Hi Ander,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly use the below link to download the ciscleanuptool and run it.
Then install cis again and check the issue.
kindly let us know your feedback.