After CIS last update, the firewall blocks Van Helsing Final Cut

After today update to version of CIS, the firewall prevents the launch of the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut. If i disable the firewall, the games launch, but with the firewall enabled not. I tried whitelisting the executables of the game, but not make any effect, only way to launch it is disabling Comodo Firewall.

Does the firewall event logs show any blocked events for the game? Is the game executable listed in unblock applications task?

Not sure this is your problem, but the only way I can see the Firewall interfering with a game launching is blocking loopback connections if the game requires them.

Do you have a block rule for the game exe. in Firewall rules? If so and you also have filter loopback traffic checked under Firewall Settings then you most likely need to create a custom rule for the games exe. Create a rule that is Allow TCP or UDP In/Out From IP To IP Where the Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is Any. Then add this Rule also Block IP In/Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where The Protcol Is Any. Make sure the first rule is above the second rule and hit ok. Now try to launch with the Firewall enabled. This is if you’re trying to block network access. If you’re not add the Ruleset Outgoing Only for the game .

By some unknown reason, today is running fine, without the need of disabling the firewall.