After(and during ) uninstalling MS Office 2007 , GUI for CSC fails to open

I began uninstalling Office 2007 and during the installation the GUI vanished and an icon appeared on the taskbar . But I can’t open the COMODO system cleaner now .I’ve tried to unistall and reinstall Office 2007 and COMODO System Cleaner and all combinations of this to no avail . The COMODO System Cleaner (CSC) is now unusable because the GUI won’t show and just remains as a icon in the taskbar .My guess is that there is a memory problem somewhere .Firewall is AVG Security Suite 2011 but I had no problems for nearly a year until now.The firewall is set to “allow for all” when it comes to CSC .

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate , 4 GB RAM , 2.5 GHz Intel Centrino chip , 32-bit , Comodo version is latest .

This is the only program behaving in this way .

Can anyone help ?


Could you provide us with some more information?

  • The CPM version you used to uninstall Microsoft Office.
  • The moment during the Microsoft Office uninstall at which the problem occurred.
  • The status of the application in CPM (Monitored, DB Monitored, Not Monitored).
  • The Microsoft Office version (Professional, Ultimate …).
  • Dependent applications (if any).
  • The CSC version you have installed.

Thank you.

Hi ,

I used a Microsoft " Fix-it " ( a program script that downloads automatically to your desktop to do the job)from their Microsoft support pages designed specifically to remove Office Ultimate 2007 when it is impossible to do from the Windows Control Panel >Programs and Features .

Almost immediately after the uninstallation of the Office 2007 Ultimate began the GUI for the CSC disappeared and I can only see an active /button at the bottom taskbar of my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop. Now when I try and start the CSC the CSC remains as an active button on my taskbar – but no GUI so it is unusable.

I wasn’t using CPM ; I used Microsoft’s recommended unistallation software specifically for MS Office 2007 Ultimate. The only Comodo software I have is Comodo System Cleaner .

The version of CSC I have installed is the one on your website now – latest .