After a few seconds after starting a scan, it gets aborted

Well, greetings, colleagues.

Guess, I’m the only one, whom did not help anything from above?

CIS 5.12. For many years. Cause worked fine’n’fast and absolutely no need in higher versions.
But not this time… :frowning:
About 2 years I left PC mastering, but the chance has happened. The pal ask to shake the old days, so it has began.
I made 99% fast & successful, but for 24 hours I beat my head because stuck in antivirus update.

Indecently countless and useless times I:

  • updated base manually (410 MB)
  • copied bases.cav and put it into /scanners in normal/safe mode
  • deleted bases.$$$ in safe mode or with Unlocker
  • copied “internet connections settings” from one registry key to another (what is described in this topic)
  • turned AdMuncher On/Off
  • danced with a shaman tambourine
  • and rebooting, rebooting, rebooting
  • and restarting, restarting, restarting

Still - fail, while I did all the same as in earliers years…

Finally, lost hope, I online updated the program itself (to 7.0). And the desired green pin finally, but joyless, has shone…

Well, will I be the Captain Obvious, if I conclude - CIS 5.12 is NOT supported anymore?..
I would be happy if I mistake, but…

CIS 5.12
Windows 7 32-bit

Could anyone say anything, please?.. :-\

CIS 5.12 is vulnerable to many things which the newer CIS versions are designed to prevent, in my opinion it’s not very wise to be using such old version in the current days. You should uninstall it using the Uninstaller Tool.

You should try CIS V12.0.0.6882 released 1 year ago which is a VERY stable build or try the latest version.

See this post for 6882 Offline Installer.

Vulnerable or not, wise or not - it has been working for some successful years. Keep my word, no one threat has been missing, and no one problem has been caused by 5.12 fault.
Well, possibly, I just didn’t meet such a crucial alert. May be.

And if You read only that 2 strings, which has replied, I was forced to updated to 7.0, with no joy. Yes, it’s slow and redundant, alas. IMHO, of course.
And if I prevail this abnormal error update I will certainly prolong using 5.12. Except, I will love 6882 with all my heart ;D

And yes, anyway, thanks for advice about 6882. Will try.

Yes I’ve read it and keeping even CIS V7 installed is not a very smart decision from the security standpoint, it is advised to remove it using the Uninstaller Tool and opt for a more recent CIS build instead such as 6882 or newer.

See below posts for examples in how CIS security improved over the years:;msg901756#msg901756

Comodo Forum - at Release notes you will see they fixed vulnerabilities in the Containment module reported by Tenable.;msg903275#new

So it’s a matter of time if you cross into something that can bypass older builds. If your only requirement for a security solution is to be stable and work without issues then you might have a better luck trying something like Bitdefender Free Antivirus for example. With a complex solution like CIS it is advised to update your build at least once every 2 years.

If you have problems updating CAV database then usually a clean uninstall/reinstall procedure using the Uninstaller Tool will do the trick.

HI All,

Could you please check with the current CIS 7098 and let us know the feedback.

Thank you.