Afraid of COMODO program updates

Hi all,

I use COMODO CIS in all my computers, I have some version 7 and some version 8.

I have hundreds of firewall rules in each computer.

My questions:

  1. When I switch from a big release version to another (e.g. from 7 to 8) there is a risk to lose my firewall rules?

  2. If I save my rules of a previous version (e.g. 7) they will be ok in the new version?

  3. in the precise moment I update CIS and so the FIREWALL, my computer will stay WITHOUT FIREWALL? That’s because I will make an update “online”

All I can say is with the Full CIS 7 trying to update to CIS 8 failed when I tried it. the file list was empty with no new entries.

Please note this was when CIS 8 was first released.

I doubt if importing a configuration from CIS 7 into version 8 would be successful.


So I should UNINSTALL the whole CIS, download the new version, go offline, install the new CIS and SETUP IT AGAIN?

Yes I am afraid so.

Though as you have waited this long, I would wait a couple more months until CIS Version 10 final is released or second final release.

That is what I intend to do on my partner’s laptop which is still running CIS 7


Thank you very much.