Affiiliate Link question

I am setting up my website and want to promote Comodo because it is such a great product and service. The affiliate links that are provided lead to the direct order of one of the products. This makes it difficult for me to promote because I cannot send my viewers directly to your site to learn the benefits of why they should choose Comodo. Yes, i can list what you offer and what you do, but your website does that already. Your affiliate links send my viewers directly to the order page, but that gives them no opportunity to see any of your other products. I just started promoting other products in from other industries, and their affiliate links send my views to their websites so they can browse before they by. I was wondering if that was going to be an option for this site. The direct order links were fine when I had my computer repair business and i was able to go the the clients home or tell them directly to click this link and order this product. but that is not possible with viewers from my website. Just a concern I had that makes it difficult for me to promote your great product. Thanks!