Affect on disk performane? (Access times/read-write speeds)

Anyone have any details on this?

I just reformatted and figured CTM would be a good way to keep my computer in a pristine state.
The only issue is I play a lot of games on my comp and would like my hard drive performance not to suffer.

I have noticed that my startups and shutdowns take a bit longer which is fine if that is when it has to load the image.
But if it is constantly having to bounce around to different sectors all over the disc that would be a real problem for me.

Has anyone noticed performance effects? In what situations?

Another question/idea Is it possible or does it already do this, the snapshot you are currently on become as defragmented on the drive as normal data? Possibly with something that runs at start-up?
Thanks for any responses.

CTM will bounce around to different sectors sometimes. This will reduce io performance. The percentage of io performance decrease depends on your disk uages, number of snapshot and disk access pattern. Howerver, it is less than 20% in most cases.

Reason for the question was I tried to run a HD benchmark and got some crazy results.

One more follow up…

If all required files for a program were loaded during the same image will they be stored(after a ctm defrag) defragmented on the drive?

Any recommendation on how to limit the impact of CTM for game performance?

Thanks for the reply.