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I accidentally downloaded Incredimail (which was hell!) and I used AdwCleaner downloaded from Bleeping Computers website - when applying action(s) to delete files and folders it was able to shut down Comodo - firstly shut down widget, then Comodo was completely closed and I could not start it again, upon reboot it was fine. Is this normal???

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I took the dive and downloaded it and ran it.
it found some spyware items i have never heard of rather scary. since i ran hitman pro, mallware bytes, and superantispyware. and they found nothing. might be worth while running this every now and then.

i said delete. it deleted and it said it needed to reboot.
system rebooted and it showed a log file of what it deleted after booting up.
neat utility but it never disabled my antivirus or cis6 firewall or anything… before it started scanning like you are explaining.or after it ran asked to reboot. everything started up normally and it popped a log file up of what it did

Anyone else want to try this thing out??CIS 6 stood strong under my testing.

Windows 8 x64 Pro. Avast 7 antivirus and Comodo v6 firewall build 2674…

:-TU thanks for the utility. yet something else to run if you have adaware, spyware etc…I will being using it.
I am not recommending yet because i just started using it. ;D but I wouldn’t be scared to run it. I think it’s amazing what the report found,SEE attachment to view my scan report.Deep digging utility,I thought i had finally cleaned all of out but it found some remnants. And quite a bit more as you will see.

*The one thing i have noticed that is weird of this application is after you run in it whatever it has a button in it that says uninstall. When using it, it never installs at least Comodo or any other antispyware/antivirus never detects anything no alerts, nothing to the registry, no files copied. no directories made.
but when you click uninstall it deletes itself and disappears from your download folder…

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I tried it and it did not shut down CIS. The systray was still there. I did not check if cmdagent.exe was still running.

I am not sure what happened on your system but scanning it for malware with various scanners is what I advice just to see if your system is infected or not.