Adware MyWebSearch FunWebProducts

question, I have today new found Adware MyWebSearch FunWebProducts . need further checking. ???

How’s this exactly related to the firewall functionality of CIS and what kind of further checking do you mean?

This is NOT related to CIS.


Are you saying that the SafeSurf toolbar should not be considered part of CIS? Because that is what is being detected as Adware.MySearchWeb/FunWebProducts on both SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware…

People generally lack crystal balls… and your description of the issue is less than clear, to put it mildly. Similar false positive reports should go to MBAM and SAS developers and not here.

It’s a FP.


It is not a false positive because Comodo does include that. Antispywares will scan and detect even if it is an optional installation.

There are multiple threads about the toolbar. Live with it or get your antispyware vendor remove the detection.

Here’s a review of the toolbar by Kevin, creator of BoClean