Adware by lavasoft

I am using one of my oldest PC laptops. It has Windows XP. and is unused for months at a time so it begs for updates as soon as I turn it on.

I’ll try to make a long story short. I changed firewalls from Zone Alarm to Comodo.

I also use Laveasoft “Adware” as soon as I was up and running Comodo endlessly gave me a message that adware needed to access the registry and make a change. I selected " remember my answer". It didn’t matter. For days the same message keep appearing and no matter how many time I selected " allow " it wanted more.

I finally turned off adware and the messages stopped.

Is this a known problem?

PS. I got several blue screens and a restart out of necessity.

Now that I disabled adware the blue screens seemed to have stopped.

One more PS. Adware keeps reminding me that I am running an old version of adware. I tried the new version on another computer and hate it.


55 views and no replies. I tried clicking on “report to moderator” and was informed that I can’t report myself…just think about the possibility of that in other area’s of life. In any event what I wanted to “report” is that no one replied not even a “moderator”. Do I have that wrong too? “Moderators” are not here to help as well as censure posts?

Is it because I mention a different company and product? I didn’t think Comodo and Adware were even close to being “like”.

I suppose there is a lot of truth in the saying that " no answer " is an answer in it’s own right and at times can be more telling than a direct answer.

But I haven’t given up yet. Maybe one of the employee’s or volunteers will make an effort to make a suggestion even if it’s " Midasize it " ( a reference that is possibly lost on 90+% of Comodo users…but for those who remember maybe it will make someone laugh or at least smile ;D )

I am sorry that you did not get any reply from anyone about your issue. :o
First of all which version comodo firewall are you using? you mentioned that you use lavasoft adware with comodo and now you dont like the new lavasoft adware version. so if you want to change it then i will advice you to use comodo internet security premium 6.2 if is free .It works great and you will not face any type of compatibility issue on your pc. You can use other antivirus with comodo firewall also but you need to change few settings with comodo firewall so that you don’t get any popups from comodo firewall. Go to the advance settings option there you click on security settings,click on firewall, firewall settings there you will get an option (do not show pop up alerts).click on that then click ok and when you use comodo firewall that time hips becomes enable by default. so turn off hips because if you enable hips then you will get more and more pop up alerts.
I am using comodo internet security premium more than a year and trust me you can give a try to see how comodo internet security premium latest version 6.2 works.
Rest of the thing is your decision.
I hope it will help you. 8)