Advice please

Commodo antivirus has located a infected file Backdoor.Win32.mIRC.based and quarantined it as it can be disinfected. So now it is in quarantine, how do I get rid of it? Never actually had a scan find anything before. Any advice greatly appreciated!

You can either leave it in quarantine or you can delete it from quarantine (open CAVS and click on quarantine and then click the quarantine button). Might be worth trying the repair button before you finally delete the file.

You should ensure the detection is not a fasle positive before you delete it - I would leave it in quarantine for a while and then try repairing it - if it is a false positive CAVS may restore the file at a later date when its database has been updated.


Thank you, first time anything has happened. So wasnt completely sure. Appreciate your time. (:HUG)

Also, from within Quarantine, you can submit the file to Comodo for analysis.

There are other online scanners such as:
where you can submit individual files for testing (they’ll let you know the results), but you’d have to take it out of quarantine in order to submit it to them for testing.