Advice on Trojware.JS.Crypt.C

Last night Comodo blocked 3 Malwares called Trojware.JS.Crypt.C but after a Scan of my pc found a forth one managed to slip past the firewall. I managed to delete that one as well.
But I am a little worried since it was in my pc for a short time. Does anyone know about this Malware and is my pc safe from it now or am I still infected?
I am running another scan now, scan found nothing.

I forgot to mention but near the end of comodo’s scan, comodo itself froze and became unresponsive for around 30 seconds then completed it’s scan a couple minutes after. Is this relevant or just some random thing?

Remember that with CIS even if a piece of malware is not detected by the AV component, the Defense+ component will isolate it from the rest of the computer. Thus, I would not worry.

Even though it wasn’t detected initially the Defense+ component made sure it wasn’t able to harm your computer. The AV definitions were then updated and it was able to be detected. I believe that is what happened.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ok thanks, good to know

But one question, that forth malware was not detected in my system until 15 minutes into the antivirus scan.

I am assuming that based on what you said it could not of done anything during it’s time on my machine?

Correct. It’s possible that it dropped other files, which may be detected later, but those also could not do anything dangerous. Thus, your system should be safe.