Advice needed, please: How to set up a hierarchy of backups

I wanted to run a series of backup profiles to achieve the following: a monthly full backup (simple copy of file structure, not .cbu) and a daily incremental backup, to add any new files into the same file structure in the full backup, or something similar.

I set up a custom backup to do a monthly full backup, but when I then set up a daily incremental backup, it always starts by making a full back up again. I’ve tried pointing the incremental at the full backup as a specified base, but it doesn’t seem to accept it.

Any ideas, please? Thanks. MLS

It should work unless you are using ftp backup, can you please post the log of the incremental backup operation?
You can enable logging in backup step 3.

For simple copy backups, specifying a base won’t work, because it automatically uses as base the destination folder/file.