Advice needed on updating firewall from V. to newer version

I’m hoping to get some advice before i update, i curently have Version and only installed the firewall part, i dont want all the other bits, just the firewall, HIPS and viruscope is fine with me. I’ve used comodo firewall for a long time and love it but i never auto update due to past problems and only manually upgrade every several years, last time i tried to update from version 7 to 10 i had all kinds of problems despite following all the advice on the forum, i did get it installed after help on here but i want to try and avoid any problems this time round so thought i better post here first before i proceed, i have a few questions if you can help(im running win10)

Do i really need to upgrade? (the only real problem i seem to get with this version is the annoying flashing alert box which i am unable to do anything with, happens intermitently but just got stuck with it these last few days along with comodo crashing so felt it’s time to upgrade again)

Is their a preferred stable version of the firewall to install or is the new one the best one to use?

Have Comodo introduced any additional telemetry features i should be aware of since version

Am i still able to just install and use the firewall only and unselect the rest of the stuff in the installer like i used to do?

Do you reccomend i uninstall my current copy of comodo before upgrading or can i simply run the installer with my current comodo installed?

Do i require an internet connection to install the new version?

Any advice appreciated :-TU

no need to internet connection if you get offline installer

better to uninstall then install new one


not aware of any

latest stable

strongly recommended to update/upgrade any piece of software including OS


:P0l :-TU Thanks for the reply and the useful link, my current version of comodo is flashing up alerts which do not stay up so i can’t always click them and i have no idea if these are allowing/blocking or not, which is why i feel it’s that time again when im forced to upgrade, i can’t imagine using the internet without it, i’m just finding it difficult to take the plunge and click that uninstall button, i know it has to happen sometime, wish me luck :slight_smile: if you never hear from me again you know i had success.

should i use windows uninstaller to remove my existing version or go straight for the official CIS removal tool instead? and do i need to turn any windows defender things off for the uninstall or re-install?

It’s always better to use the official uninstaller just to make sure every trace is removed and follow the reboot instructions to the letter. I’d leave Defender as it is until everything is installed as you expect. Any problems, just post back