Advice for new user

I have downloaded the trial, and would like to ask some questions prior to install.
We have an SBS 2011 Standard domain controller, about 20 systems in the domain, primarily W7 Pro. I am testing on a development domain (virtual machines), that I use for all software prior to deploying.

  1. Will ESM work with all systems on the LAN or only systems that are members of the domain?
  2. Is it best installed on the server or will it operate OK on a W7 system? I am concerned with sharing the SQL Server with the Exchange server. Fragile stuff. I also don’t like having to restart when installing.
  3. We presently use another corporate security product, will that have to be uninstalled on each system in the domain prior to deployment of CEM?
  4. What other best practices can you advise?
    Thanks for any and all advice.


Thank you very much. Answered my next question as well.