Advice for D+

Don’t know why,my post’d been deleted,but I wanna say it again.

Comodo become more and more clever and armed,but however D+ is reason that I follow it for so long.

I’ve been waiting that D+ could get more detailed,like block Files read,writing,which is more than just a file protection.

And the description should be more clear and well-explained,such as tell us what this action could affect my computer,like change the starup or add some sites in my favorites?

Don’t say you guys want to reduce the pop-ups to make customer easier to operate.

Don’t make Comodo become a tacky and ordinary security suit like Norton or Mcafee,Remeber D+ is the reason we love.

And why not consider about an advanced mode for old time lovers like us?I wish the D+ part could do as well as OSSS.Because D+ seems like a TOY hips compared to that!

Since you guys have it ,why not make it better?

soulkylin Welcome:)

I do believe that there should be an option in the settings somewhere to switch between advance and beginner (but not those terms )

Jake :slight_smile:

So hurry up man,I’ve been waiting!

You comodo have the best staff,so there ain’t reason you can’t make out a best classical Hips,just add something a little bit like you add some salt in your cookings.

Paranoid mode for D+ and custom policy for the firewall does not give you the level of control you want?

Paranoid mode just changes the way Comodo asks me,I mean it raises the pop-ups number,but It doesn’t virtually fix the full control complex of me.