advantages in either installed or unzipped/unpacked/portable?

Is one form of C D more advantage or less advantage between being installed and being portable/unpacked? What I mean is, if C D is uninstalled and then the portable version used instead, is any DISADVANTAGE rendered? Is portability the only advantage of the portable form of Comodo dragon?

I really want to uninstall C D and then only either put back on the portable version or use portable version from a usb flash drive. The only extensions I use are AdBlocker and W.O.T. Currently, the installed C D also plays YouTube videos well and will open PDF’s well too.

Hi string_game,
Using the portable,
You will not get silent updates.
Cleaning programs such a CCleaner will not recognize/find it.
Some options during install will not be available until opening Dragon.

Totally portable with everything stored in one folder.
No writing to Windows registry.
Easily to remove totally just by deleting one folder.
Extensions install and work fine, they get installed into the portable folder.
System plug-ins work fine eg: flash/shockwave etc.
In my experience it performs all other actions the same as an installed version.