Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal.

Hi everyone, (:WAV)

I am posting this to find out the pros/cons of this software (Advanced windows care v2 personal)

1/ Have, or are you using this product?

2/ What did u think of it?

3/ Is there similar/better free products that u can download?

All feedback would be greatly appreciated, as a newbie to pcs i value the depth of knowlege within this forum.

Many Thanks
Novie :Beer

p.s here is the link

Helllo Novieiam>
I presently use AWCv.2Pro.
I started with the Free Ed. and liked it so upgraded to the Pro version. I’ve been using the program for several months on a regular maintainance basis.
Like all software, so much is personal preferences and priorities.
As far as my experience with this software… I am very satisfied with it effectiveness. Having said that, again with any software one has to be careful when allowing any changes to be made. I like this software because it does allow the user to view “the details” before initiating the “Repair”
Hope this helps. (:KWL)

TY Wilpower,

Yes i like this product too, and thanks for the feedback. ;D


I use free edition and i like it

I have only been using Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal for about 6 weeks and so far I have had no problems with it. I also like the smart defrag program that they make.

I’ve used it pretty much since it was released and it’s good, no problems at all so far.

I’ve downloaded this freeware from CNET Newsletter I’ve used it and it seems to work just fine. However; how do I know that it works and I actually have no idea what the software it doing to my files…I initially went in to buy it when I discovered that the publisher of Advanced Windows Care V2 is China. Now; my question is do I really want China to be in my computer? my conclusion is a big fat NO.

I wouldn’t mind letting China in, but my policy is to block all programs from going out - unless connection(s) are absolutely necessary for them.

I’ve also tried IOBit products but now I have other programs that suits me better. The Windows Care program is not bad though, but it’s very comprehensive and I generally prefer more specialized programs.