Advanced Performance Platform Revenuestreaming

Hello. I think my system is affected by some sort of trojan. I am presenting details for your review.

Sysytem: Windows XP SP 3. AV: Comodo Internet Security. Browser Firefox 15.0.

In the program list I have noticed that there is a program listed named “Advanced Performance Platform Revenuestreaming”. After seeing that I was very surprised. Because neither the program was installed by me nor Comodo showed any alert on this issue. I searched but it seems that not many people are talking about this. This link "SKIP THIS AD" -- how to disable or stop this??? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support gives hint that it can happen due to “Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub”. But my situation is not similar. I do not see that text.

Rather clicking on “Change/Remove” shows a warning massage saying that system may not work properly if that tool is removed and then Asks to type a captcha-like text to confirm. It seems that the captcha like text is some sort of identifier. But it does nothing after finishing the uninstallation process (or it never starts at all!).

From where and how it came into my system? How to remove it? Can you please shade some light on this issue?