Advance Protection Microsoft Office 2013 Issue

When you activate the “advance protection” option for defense+ it breaks all microsoft office programs making them still able to open however instead of the graphic themed bar where minimized, maximize and close is located it defults to a stripped down old windows 98 type version of it. In addition, using the program is touch and go as for instance when you try to use any of the drop down menus within the program they open for a split second and then immediately close.

Not sure if this a bug or the right forum to post this in but just thought I would bring this to someones attention in case it is something that needs to be solved. It could be the program doing what it is supposed to be doing and just not getting along with office 2013 but I am not sure. Let me know if anyone has any questions!

Please make sure that you’re running version <>. A very similar issue was fixed.


PM Sent

Sorry for the late reply! I have updated to the latest version & reactivated the advanced protection and upon restart and a quick test of microsoft word 2013 everything seems to be in working order again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply and to the devs for swiftly correcting this issue!

This is great to hear. Im glad everything is working okay now. Iv you later experience this bug again feel free to repsond in this report and we can continue processing it again.

Thanks again.