ADSL router

An ADSL router which never crashes, easy to use and flexible.

I have had 5 routers in as many years - as they keep crashing/dying after the warranty runs out.

A cheap 1U rack solution would be nice too!

and a bike and a pony too, Santa.


I’ve never seen “cheap” and “1u” ever used together. Who installs a rack, then fills it with cheap equipment.

Further, if you’ve already got a rack…spend some money on clean power, battery backup, proper grounding and static protection, and proper ventilation.

My solution: 12" zip ties keep a wireless linksys unit well situated in a 0u mounting. Of course, that bit of plastic could be the straw that breaks the relay rack’s back.

…that ■■■■■ about Santa…you guys are nuts.

Alan Leghart

.that ■■■■■ about guys are nuts.

yes, we should all be in a psych ward wearing constraints, but we escaped!!

You all seem to be missing the point! I REALLY do want a cheap 1U router, a bike and a pony - I’m working on the poor mans version of mobile broadband.

Besides for the fact that your wish is not software, I don’t really think Comodo needs to develop such a product, and it would not be free because they would have to send it to stores.

How much could it cost to post a pony?