adSanitizer hides or removes the ads?

I guess hiding the ads doesn’t save bandwidth & removing the ads saves the bandwidth.

If I visit kickass torrent site with AdblockPlus then ads are not there & no white space.
If I visit kickass torrent site with adSanitizer then ads are not there but in the place of ads the whole white space is there.


Ad Sanitizer removes ads.

Today we have a server outage for a scheduled maintenance which we believe is the reason you see this behavior.

Normal operation should resume later today.


I have always observed this behavior with PrivDog too.
And the same with adS… too.

I will check later & see any improvement

For ex- - Watch movies online Resources and Information.
You can see the white space on the top in the place of the ads with adS…
The white space is not there with AdblockPlus, Adblock, ublock, AdGuard, etc…

Is this available for Internet Explorer?

Enable/Disable should be there on the icon-popup.

Why the ads are there in the search?
Trusted ads are disabled.
Attached is the screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve installed the Comodo Dragon browser. However it does not seem to come with adSanitizer.

Those ads in Search are there because Google makes money from them. They are part of your search results, and therefore cannot be removed by ad blockers/etc.

They can be blocked by adblockers, inform to you. I am using uBlock Origin and I do not see ads in Google searches.

Yesterday I updated Dragon and ad sanitizer gone. Why? How can I add it to CD again?

It was a cause of a serious bug and was removed. For security reason.

Ah. Thx.

You can use Comodo AdBlocker instead :wink: