Ads on

Hello, I was wondering when it was planned that PrivDog would be able to block ads from a webpage called Ads on

The issue is that very often there are large ads on both sides of the site which are not blocked. They link to different ads on different days. For example, today it is linking to doubleclick.

I know we have discussed this before, and you mentioned that PrivDog is not currently designed to block these sort of ads, but is there an ETA when PrivDog will be able to block these ads.

Thank you.

totally agreed to Chiron +100

like this website an ad covered all background and ad changes every day

??? ???

same problem here >

Hi all.

Hope we will be able to look at problem this week or next.

Thank you.

Is this a difficulty with ads which are used as background for the site?

It is not big deal for us to block it :slight_smile: But we need to be sure it will not affect any other part of page.

I understand. Thank you.

Thank you oyaremchuk :slight_smile: