Ads in CIS? WTF

Now don’t get me wrong. I think CIS is great and is superior to any paid alternative on the market to date and have been using the program for years now. Which is why I got major WTF moment when I started seeing pop-ups where the notification boxes usually appear.

I say pop-ups because I class them as the same unwanted trash that messes with peoples web surfing sometimes. Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often (yet) but if this is a sign of what is to come than count me as a vote for a paid version of CIS that DOESN"T contain this spam.

I think that’s the Comodo Message center. Uncheck it in the General pane of Preferences.

Thanks for that, I’ll give that a go. A somewhat ‘innocuously’ termed feature :stuck_out_tongue:

They maybe unwanted, but at least it is easy to disable through the GUI and not some hack required. Long live CIS, the program you control. Kind regards.

They only appear ever so rarely so I’m ok with them. :slight_smile:

Correct the message center messages should only appear once in a while.

The main reason they build this is to be able to “send out a message quickly” in case something went wrong, or you need a emergency update etc… to be able to notify the end users.

At the moment I have only seen messages about Comodo Forums or Comodo Facebook announcements so I’m not sure if that classifies as “AD” ???

I have only seen messages about Comodo Forums or Comodo Facebook announcements
I'd hardly would classify them as ads, Isn't the announcements usually on whats coming up, (I use the words "whats coming up" loosely).

I know everyone has there own definition on what an “AD” is. But When I hear the words “ADS”. The first thing that pops in my head is those 1 minute car commercial. But that’s just me

I agree. Let’s just say “pop-ups”. They infuriate me! It’s nice that CIS let’s the user turn the Message Center off. Now, I have to live with the constant ■■■■ at the bottom of my TV screen and there’s no way to control that! As soon as someone makes a TV that can block that junk, I’ll be first in line!

Shortly after I installed Comodo Firewall v5.0 I saw a message from the message center. I disabled the Comodo message center and I haven’t seen one since.

The Emsisoft freeware on-demand scanner by comparison contains mandatory messages overtly selling their shareware products each and every time it is used with no way that I know of to disable them, but I continue use it without complaint because its a comprehensive and highly accurate free on-demand scanner.


Well the only messages i’ve ever received are for 3rd party products (aka an ad) or comdo releated info that is completely irrelevant to mainting security on my system (hence the rant). Perhaps I’ll renable it and take a scrn shot the next time one of these ‘messages’ come up. Actually now that I think about it, I also received those facebook pop ups, and for me, anything with the term “facebook” in it means DESTROY! But that’s just me and my craziness.

But of course as I mentioned before, it is a rare occurance (for now). The fact that the CIS devs have implemented a ‘turn off’ button for it is extremely comendable. So IF this is the extent to which the CIS devs implement this ‘feature’ than I have no issue with it.

I’m sure all of you wil aggree with me that the last thing we want is for CIS to join the ranks of the innumerable spaming, trojan filled, viral laden spyware that permeates so many other free security programs on the internet.

I must say, I’m completely fine with CIS showing a message here and there…
It’s not like Avira Free AV where when you update it shows a large window ad
It’s not like Avast Free AV where the ad is on the main GUI Window (Same with AVG)

It’s just fine with me… small box on the bottom (disappears automatically too)

No Complaints… You go find a IS that is Free! that offers AV/FW/D+/Sandbox for Free … Didn’t think so :stuck_out_tongue:


If you read my post you should understand that it is the possible future of said ‘feature’ that is worrisome. In it’s current state it is not an issue, with the caveat of the irrelevant messages (that IMO border on ads) i’ve seen anyway.

Is it anywhere near the spam levels of avast or norton (ironically a paid app) etc? Hell no, and I hope it stays that way.

When it is bothering simply disable it under More → Preferences → General.

Thanks for this info here in 2013. I noticed that the box was still checked maybe from install.