Adobe Reader Prob

I have latest Adobe Reader installed. When I open pdf files they opens with big fonts & opens like full screens programs. I tried Sumatra, PDFExchange & Nitro & they open normally. I tried repairing Adobe & reinstalling Adobe but the prob is still there. Any info/solution?

Win 7 64
CIS 6.1 Full Suite Default Settings
No other security software

Hi Naren,
I do not use Adobe reader but you could try Ctrl+L to close full screen mode.
Viewing preferences

I experience aprox a same issue, in my case if a open a pdf that’s on a removable disk it’s automatically sandboxed, and the bar with commands is too small, the problem is fixed if I add that pdf file to TVL. Funny I know.

I tried Ctrl + L but nothing happened. By the way if this was settings prob then reinstall would have solve the prob, right?

Adobe is also not autosandbox by CIS so autosandbox is also not the prob.

No malware as scanned by various scanners.

I dont know what happened & what should I do to solve the prob?

OK, I solved the prob.

Adobe Reader Icon - Properties - Compatibility Settings - Compatibility was selected & few other options were selected too. I checked few other programs properties - Compatibility Settings - Nothing was selected. So in Adobe Reader Properties - Compatibility Settings - I unchecked all the options & the prob solved.