Adobe flash Player won't run

Hi I’ve recently installed Comodo Dragon but can’t get adobe flash player to work.

As an example if I visit Google Maps and click street view I get the ‘you need to install adobe flash player’ message.

I’ve downloaded flash player 11 but how do I get it to run in dragon?

Please make sure you install the Netscape (non IE) version of Flash Player. Notice there are two versions of Flash Player. One for IE (Active X based) and one for the other browsers based on Netscape Plugin technology.

Get the latest Netscape Flash version here at Filehippo: .

Thanks Eric - problem solved :slight_smile:

If Adobe Reader, Shockwave or Flash Player are not working in your Comodo Dragon browser. You might have to enable the plugin(s).


  1. Open a new tab.
  2. In the Omni Bar (address bar) key in the following: dragon://plugins.
  3. See if your plugins are enabled. If not, click on enable. You plugin(s) should be turned on.

Hope that helps.