Adobe Flash keeps disappearing from Plugins

I’m running CD33 and as of yesterday Adobe Flash kept being removed from plugins. I got scared to death because i thought it was a virus or malware but it turns out it’s an issue other users are having. i tried reinstalling Flash but no luck. Flash remains in my control panel and it can be used with other browsers. when i click the link to install it it says it’s installed but is disabled and in the dragon plugins Flash is no where to be found to enable. can i get some help?

Hi and welcome WWEDX2007,
The following adobe site saying it is installed but disabled can be misleading.
It is recognizing Dragon as Chrome and as Chrome has built in Flash it is presuming it is installed but disabled.

Also Flash can be in Windows control panel as an ActiveX which Internet Explorer uses.
Dragon along with a lot of other browsers use a Flash Plugin.
In the link below,
Step 1) Select your operating system.
Step2) Select for other browsers.

Note: For some adobe sites to function correctly you need to temporarily disable ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’, found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Hope that helps.

Some websites are still telling me to install flash player but i can watch YouTube videos now, so it’s a start

EDIT: Nope! still disappearing from plugins and telling me to install it.

“Adobe Flash Player is required to view some elements on this page, Get Plugin”

I would suspect a corrupt Dragon user profile if,

  1. You are not using ‘Sync’ (Google Sync) and if you are it could be a sync setting.
  2. You are not running and installing Flash in a virtualized environment. (Virtual Machine/Sandbox)

Please note: No personal settings will be transferred to the new user profile if you go ahead and create a new user profile.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon

Alternative to creating a new user profile is to reset Dragon, this is found at the bottom of the advanced settings.
Please note: Resetting Dragon removes most personal preferences and settings, excluding bookmarks (See screenshot).

There is no guarantee that any of the above will solve the issue, but apart from that I am not to sure why this issue is occurring.

Kind regards.

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I had this issue as well. I had the browser as a portable install but I was planning to install it properly as my primary browser, so when Flash Player disappeared from the plugins list I deleted the portable version and installed it the regular way. The problem haven’t occured ever since.