Adding urls

I would like to know how I add the following urls to the commodo firewall so that they appear as exceptions, meaning that the firewall lets them through.

Windows update site does work. I dont think I understand your problem.

I know that the windows update site does work, however something is preventing me from getting updates on the website and I don’t know what it is.

Well its not Comodo cause there is no web shield. Are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer when you go to the site. Do you have certain Windows services shut off preventing you from doing things? What happens when you try doing Windows updates?

If I go to the windows update website, I get the following error message:
Microsoft Update
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options below might help you solve the problem.

For self help options:
Frequently asked questions
Find solutions
Windows update newsgroup

For assisted support options:
Microsoft online assisted support (no cost for windows update issues)
Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x8024402C) yourself.

I’m using internet explorer, version 7. Which windows services need to be turned on and enabled?

If you have Windows Auto updater shut off that will happen. Not sure about the other services but have you shut off any services? Go to run and type “services.msc”. See what is shut off that should be running. Look in the Microsoft Support site for your answer cause its clearly not Comodo. What version of Comodo are you using? Older versions did have a problem with Windows Updater not working but that was like 5 months ago or so.

In the services list, where do I find the windows auto updater? I’m using version 3 of the firewall.

Of course your using version 3 but which version 3. Go to Miscellaneous/About. It should be version Look for the service simply called “Automatic Updates”.

I posted in the wrong place. Here is what I have for the firewall:
Comodo Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0
The automatic updates is set to auto at this time and is running at this time.

I played around with the LAN settings and my issue is solved. I wanted to ask a new question. Since there are two differnet versions of the firewall, should I upgrade to verison 3? If so, I’ll need step by step instructions on what to do.

You cannot just upgrade but 3.0 is definetly worth it. You need to do a complete uninstall of 2.4 then install 3.0

What do you mean by saying that you can’t just upgrade? You need to get a seperate license to get version 3.0?

Comodo is free there is no license. What I meant is that 2.4 and 3.0 are 2 entirely different firewalls. You cant just install 3.0 over the top of 2.4. You need to completely get rid of 2.4 then install 3.0.

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There’s one of them that specifically shows how to add URL’s (via hostname) in rule creation. But it’s most likely that you had a legit process like svchost.exe blocked in your rules.

Keep in mind that I’ve now moved this thread to CFP 2 Help board, so if you guys are going to discuss v3, please open a new thread.

Sorry Soy but I was under the impression that I was giving help to a 3.0 problem. So now all of what I said and did means nothing.

No need to apologize; you didn’t do anything wrong. What I meant was from now on since the thead move (:WIN)

At this point in time, I can’t view windows updates so something is preventing me from seeing windows updates.

Well if you completely uninstall Comodo and reboot and the problem still occurs its not Comodo.

I don’t think that the issue is with comodo because I tried with the firewall off and nothing changed so the issue isn’t with comodo, as I said, something else is preventing me from seeing widows updates. Upgrading to version 3 is another task and has nothing to do with my issue. I’m happy to upgrade, however I’d like to focus on my issue at hand first.

Search the Microsoft site for your problem.