Adding Text to bottom of Emails [RESOLVED]

I’m using the free AS and was wonderng if it is possible to add a note to outgoing emails saying that they have been scanned by Comodo etc



CAS (Comodo Antispam) does not scan outgoing emails. Scanning outgoing emails is not what its for.

CIS (Comodo Internet Security) will detect the processsing which would be needed if malware were attaching viruses to your outgoing emails - best to ask questions about this in the CIS forum. I think by default the antivirus module of CIS automatically scans any file that is ‘touched’ in any way - this would include inserting in an email.

You can attach any standard text you like to emails using the signature or equivalent facility in most email clients. CAS does not provide this facility.

Hope this helps


Issue appears to be resolved and no reply back.

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