Adding or editing any rule resets all the network connections

Since I’ve got CIS 4 installed, all my current network connections are being dropped whenever I create or edit any firewall rules. That includes online radio, IMs and any downloads I might have at the moment. It’s somewhat annoying, esp. since previous versions (3.x) didn’t use to have that…

My firewall is set in Custom mode and I’ve changed a rule for All Applications to Ask about all outgoing requests so I’m asked about new applications requesting connections. CIS drops connection on both creating rules via firewall popup and creating/editing rules in the firewall dialogs.

CIS version is 4.0.135239.742

What happens when you delete the All Applications rule? Notice you will still be asked when applications want to access the web.

What OS are you on?

I’m on Window 7 64bit. Anyway, deleting that rule altogether seems to have sorted that out. Deleting All applications rule itself didn’t reset connections too, when I pressed OK in rules dialog.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: