adding new network line rule does not change CFW behaviour reboot required

suddenly DHCP was blocked, probbably because I blocked an application. When I block 1 application suddenly the firewall start to act weird.
The log says block protocol IGMP network rule line 8… this is the block line. When I add another line above the block line to allow ip traffic then it still reports blocks and it still refrers to line 8 which is no longer a block line but an allow line… the block or deny line is move to line 9 but the log still reports due to line 8… restarting comodo did not help restarting the cmdagent is not allowed so the only thing I can do is reboot and then it again works… serious bug in my opinion it should not be necessary to reboot the PC, thank god microsoft solved their reboot issues after tcp/ip changes… why don’t you restart the cmdagent after starting the firewall gui again? it would be helpfull :THNK

I hope I can use the (B) in future as well. there is nothing more frustrating then trying to solve problems which does not go away unless you reboot… why does it suddenly block dhcp? the only thing I did was blocking one program and let comodo remember it and then the show starts… no dhcp anymore… strange very very strange…