Adding Macs to Policies?

Hello all!

My company is evaluating COMODO’s ESM. We’re running 3.0.60516.1. Using the offline agent install method we’ve been able to import our MacBook Pros into the management console but can’t seem to apply any policies onto them.

Realizing that ESM for Mac/Linux is still in development and not yet released, are we unable to add Macs because the policies include settings for AV?

Hello trecky215.

Please look here if it answers your question.


Mac (and Linux) support is currently restricted to the system’s management functions (viewing hardware/software/applications/daemons etc.) and creating VNC sessions to those OSs.

We are working on being able to apply policies to Mac/Linux machines but it is fairly tricky, for reasons I am sure you understand. ear with us though, extending the management of Mac/Linux is ongoing and we should have something interesting for you by mid-February.

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