Adding Explore Sandbox Content option in CIS/CAV/CFW

I love CIS and it serves me well, but i have suggestion for v9 :

Why not add Explore sandbox content inside sandbox options ?

That would be great to have in CIS because if i download something in sandboxed browser and i need that file, how am i supposed to recover it ?

And automated sandbox cleaning is great option to consider.

Thanks in advance !


Either by downloading it to the shared folder or by navigating to C:\VTRoot\

Edit: Or start explorer in the sandbox and navigate to the file and then drop it in the shared folder from there.

Edit 2: I like the idea though.

That would be great imo.

Your sandboxes are in vtroot a hidden directory in the harddisk of cis.

But i would love to add a button to open the sandbox folder to comodo… and a poll on that.