adding exeptions for running programs


i’m not really sure how to do it…but my main two programs we’re dealing with here are Avast! and Dev-C++
now every time Avast updates its definitions (anyone who uses it knows thats like 3 or more times a day) the update files always go to the file pending folder…
and now that i’m starting to get the hang of C i’ve really been playing with it a lot…and every time i go to compile my program comodo asks if its ok…

how can i make comodo see these to programs as good to go without prompting me?

thanks for all your help…when it comes to this hardcore networking stuff i’m sorta a n00b

The only way is to notch up D+ from Clean PC mode to Safe Mode. Then you will have no more pending files to deal with. You may get some more alerts initially. But they will go when you use remember this action.

thanks so much!