Adding Comodo Dragon "Settings" to Windows Control Panel

I often wondered if Comodo Dragon “Settings” could be added to Windows Control Panel ?

I would like to delete, History, browser searches, and cache without opening Dragon


Hi UncleDoug,
I have been thinking about this and even if it is possible it would be quite technical.
Not only adding to the control panel (CPL), but it would also require cleaning commands.

If you really desire to have cleaning capabilities without opening the browser, would it not be easier to just use a free privacy cleaning tool/program?

Yes but I wonder if other programs can clear/clean those items I mentioned.

History is cleared but is the cache, and when I type in a browser search window I see previous searches.

Sometimes I like to start fresh with no previous history, no search requests remaining and of course an empty fresh emptied cache. I use msn as my homepage so that leaves me google, bing, and yahoo to clean,


If the privacy cleaner of your choice doesn’t have native support for your requirement, most will allow adding custom files or folders.
In CD you can set Browsing Data to be cleared on exit.

I realise this was not your original question, I was just suggesting possible alternative workarounds. :wink:

Alternative workarounds will always be welcome, and eventually will find its way into a discussion among an applications programmers, the results left to be determined.

I remember reading many years back, that windows had a hidden memory/history that many cleaners back then did not find/see. I wonder if the same could be possible with the browsers of today?

Thanks Captain for the ideas.


Programs like CCleaner are a good start, or simply running in Incognito mode will help.

There will always be more traces of usage history than we care to imagine and not all locally stored either.