Adding application rules (bugs) under Network Security Policy ( beta)

I’ve spotted a bug today.
I want to add a new rule for an application under Firewall-> Advanced-> Network Security Policy and I select the application (as seen in screenshot 1) and I click Add from the right panel. It results the following window: see also screenshot 1. Trying to add the rule gives an error saying that this application already exists, etc and the rule is deleted.

When I select the application and I right-click it and select Add I receive the following window (see screenshot 2) and I can safely add the rule.

Can you reproduce this bug ?

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Okay, I tried what you indicate, and got slightly different results, based on your screenshots - but still very similar.

I click on the Application name (rather than the rule detail), then the Add button.

This opens a screen where the application name field is blank, rather than filled in (I think yours shows it as filled in).

Then I clicked on the Application Name (rather than the rule detail), right-click and select Add.

This opens a screen where the application name field is filled with the application I have clicked on.


You’ve got the same results as I did… Hope it will be fixed. :slight_smile: Thank you!

this is a bug but it is the other way round :P.
The add button from right-click popup work the same way as the edit button (select is disabled).
Maybe they should rename those “Add” to “New” and make them show the new rule dialog (select is enabled)

well… yes, you’re right . :smiley: