Adding an exclusion zone

I would like to exclude a folder from any attention whatsoever by CIS but I just can’t find a way to do that. Am I missing something incredibly simple here or what?

For excluding it from the AV you go to “Antivirus” => “Scanner Settings” => “Exclusions”. You can then add it to your exclusion list.

In terms of the Firewall and Defense+ you can add it to your “Trusted Files”. You could also go to “Defense+ Settings” => “Execution Control Settings”. Then you can add it to the exclusions list there.

What exactly is it that you’re having problems with about this program? If you can tell me that then I can tailor my advice better to your situation.

I have a folder where I store things, and I put files in there such as a key finder that will flag up in CIS. I want the entire folder to be ignored by CIS no matter what I put in it but for some reason although I have addd it, CIS repeatedly flags warnings about the programs inside there.

What sort of warnings?

Are they AV warnings, Defense+, Sandbox, etc…

You can exclude complete folders if you want.