Add USB Protection

  1. What actually happened or you saw:
    ? Lack of USB Protection in program.

  2. What you wanted to happen or see:
    ? When opening and searching through the program, a section with options for USB protection support.

  3. Why you think it is desirable:
    ? This seems like a practical feature, as USB drives are common and people want to protect them.

  4. Any other information, screenshots etc:
    ? Not really, thanks.

Not practical, as adding “USB protection” is contrary to a secure system.
You must remember, they are removable drives, and as such, cannot be guaranteed as to where they have been, or what is on them.

Hi HeavyMetalMan, can you pls describe what you expect in details, how do you want to protect usb devices?


<<Hi HeavyMetalMan, can you pls describe what you expect in details, how do you want to protect usb devices?

Well, I am not exactly a teckie but Panda Cloud has the feature to Immunize USB drives on a system based on its online database. I think a similar effort along these lines for CCAV would be good since USB drives are so common and of course, those of us who use them want to protect them. At to answering John, I don’t think anyone would expect perfection in a first attempt at a new feature like this, but I think the beginnnings of an effort for USB protection like this would be a good and practical goal.


Oh, forgot one more thing in response to John:

You basically said it is the hard drive system CCAV is centered on protecting. Well, there can be threats on USB drives that could potentially infect a hard drive. In this regard, in addition to my suggestion, a disable autoruns feature could also be of help.


I haven’t really looked deeply into CCAV but I would assume it will treat external drives as insecure like CIS does. Then you don’t need a separate USB protection function. It then is already there.

Eric, that is precisely what I am getting at. USB is a removable drive, file integrity cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, since Comodo is a Default Deny, not a Default Allow, this would not work. Protect the system by not trusting any USB, and you have a more secure system.

I agree with John. It’s not necessary to protect the USB drive, all that’s necessary is to protect the host OS from whatever malware might be on the USB drive and CIS does that already. In any case, any protection that CIS might offer the USB drive will be useless if it’s taken to another computer.

Not everyone who uses CIS has a new enough or fast enough machine with enough power to use the latest version of CIS. Some use the 3, some use the 5, like I do, and crank up the security settings to the max.

I know this is only a Comodo forum, but I wonder why Panda Cloud seems to have been able to accomplish this, and yet Comodo has been known to produce way more sophisticated security software in general than they have.

In any case, I can respectfully accept that so far, everyone else here doesn’t think this would be a good idea.


Oh, one other thing I wanted to make clear: I only use my USB drives in my house. Never used them outside or let anyone else use them. I use them strictly for storage and my own music, and have scanned everything before putting anything downloaded on there. My concern is that some virus or ransomware could lock or wipe out what I have on my USB drives. not the other way around…

I first tried to see if it was possible to make rules in Comodo 5 firewall to guard it, but USBs are hardware, not software.


Removable drives have always been, and always will be, a security risk.

In any case, I thank everyone for their feedback. However, I think in the year 2016, we can safely say that the only safe technology is the one that is unplugged.


What you are asking is protection of your data in case a malware would circumvent the sandbox and detection of the AV. How does Panda USB protection work?