Add "Update Now" button in options for threat list

If PrivDog updates the list, then could you please add an “Update Now” button because I normally run CD sandboxed. I open CD weekly unsandboxed to check for and install updates to my extensions.

I would think that they update the list on their servers on a constant basis so any user updating function would be useless.

I’m sure they update their servers on a regular basis. I would like to know if the updates are then sent out to users locally on their devices. Since I run my browser sandboxed, I would lose any updates when I clear the sandbox. The only way I can make them permanent, is to weekly open my browser unsandboxed then update extensions manually.

we update it regularly.

this is a brand new product and it will get better with every release.
Please tell us what you would like to see in our wishlist.


Thank you for the reply and PrivDog.

I would like to see an “Update Now” button in PrivDog options for the reason stated above.

Thanks again!

I installed Comodo Dragon with privdog on my parents computer and it worked ok, until there was an update. I blocked all ads for my folks and after the update CD started shoing ads again and I had to uninstall CD and go with Firefox + adblock again. Why on earth do you have to mess with the chosen settings? I live 2000km away from my folks and I can’t have these things happening. If I don’t want ads, I don’t want ads. It’s that simple.

Hi kef71

So you say that settings for block ads/Show Trusted Ads were not saved properly in update process? If so, please confirm it one more time, so we will look at it more carefully.

Anyway, you could just change one radiobox and ads would be blocked again.

Yes, the settings where not saved and reverted back to defaults.

Not a problem for me, but for older people it is. :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion. Your feedback is very important to us