Add Timer to HIPS

Please add a timer to HIPS in the SysTray context menu so this module will match the others. It’s been missing for so long now…

1. What actually happened or you saw:

No HIPS Timer in SysTray context menu.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

HIPS Timer in SysTray context menu.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

To match the behavior of the other sub-modules.

4. Any other information:

Why doesn’t it exist? You would think all of the sub-modules would be the same.

Antivirus - Timer
Firewall - Timer
Auto Sandbox - Timer
HIPS - NO Timer
Viruscope - Timer


Yes. I guess my wish is the same (just worded differently). I didn’t realize that it was already requested.

Moderator: Feel free to delete my request or join it to an existing one. Sorry!