Add reputation verification and local list on ccav

Please add the same verification that CIS has, the reputation scan and add the reputation list as a local list on CCAV. This is needed badly.


Just to confirm “Reputation Scan” you mean the “Rating Scan” in CIS, right?

Please check the existing wish reports before creating new one! This is duplicate one.

Rating Scan Option

and please use the Required Wish Format while creating a wish.

please, edit my topics to the proper way becasue the required wish format topic was posted after I posted my topics.

You can edit your own topics. If you cannot do this, then PM to qmarius for this. I am not a moderator.

I know I can. Just have no time. This month is crazy at work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving to Rejected as this is a duplicate of an already existing proper format wish.