Add/Remove Programs Stopped Working

About a week ago, I started up Add/Remove Programs and Comodo AntiVirus came up with something like:

Unauthorized program attempting to access the registry.

I’m 95% sure I clicked on Allow but I suppose I could have made a mistake.

Anyway, now Add/Remove programs no longer works. It just sits there forever with the screen that says:
Please wait while the list is being populated…

Now, this is also a reported Microsoft problem in a Q Article Q329891:

However, if I now attempt to access to do what this Q article says: I get the following error:

mshtml.dll was loaded, but the DllRegistryServer entry point was not found.
The file cannot be registered.

It seem to me it can’t get to the registry either. Do I have to uninstall this virus program to fix this?

Iirc the add/remove programs gets run by rundll32.exe. Look up the rule for rundll32.exe under Computer Security Policy (Defense + → Advanced) and select it → Edit → Access rights → push the modify button behind “Run an executable” → now see if you accidentally blocked something.

I don’t have a “modify” button…but I have “edit”. I click on Edit and then I have to click on “Access Rights”

Nothing is clicked on Block…everything is checked to ASK.

If I click on Protected Registry Keys, and then the Modify button there and then Blocked Registry Keys. Nothing shows there as blocked.

If this is the right place…

Are you running Windows 2000? That Microsoft article only applies to that OS.

No this is XP.
But the problem still remains that Add/Remove Programs stopped working…and the antivirus program tried to grab it right away. Every since…it won’t come back up. I’m sure its the antivirus program… I was just looking for ways to fix it.