Add realtime data graph to CIS Logs Page [W11]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Right now, the only option to see what CIS is doing is to use the logs, which are updated every time an “event” happens. Also, you have to select each log, scroll through it, and refresh it manually, in order to see what CIS has done.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I suggest creating a realtime graph, similar to Avast’s realtime data graph, showing the last scanned files, Web-Filter activity, firewall intrusions blocked, etc… I have attached a pic of Avast’s realtime graph to this topic, although it’s possible it’s for an older version of Avast. It’s a wave graph with each wave referring to a type of protection and having a different color. I would suggest that Comodo color-code the lines as well to refer to the various protection components. This graph should also be shown in the logs section of the GUI.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
It would be a fast and interactive way to see what’s going on. Besides that… it’s cool 8).

4. Any other information:
I would also suggest that if you hover your cursor over the line, or the name of the component, it should show you the last few files which were blocked, detected, scanned, etc…

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Where in the GUI are you thinking it would be best to place this realtime data graph?

Just had a little fun using copy/paste and paint. I guess you can get an ideia of what I was trying to make. See picture ;D
The realtime graph would be a “real” realtime graph, showing the files that were being scanned, apps blocked by the firewall, etc etc etc in real-time. The Security Events would be the same as it is now… just a summary in percentage of all that has happened 'till “now”.

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I’m a little bit confused, and I believe that others would be as well. I understand that you want the graph of the overall Security Events to stay as it is (although for it to update it real-time).

However, are you saying that you would also like 2 other graphs created. One would be a detailed breakdown of the events currently described under Protection in the View Logs window (with the heights of the columns changing as needed to remain valid in real-time). The other would be a detailed breakdown of the events currently described under Cloud lookup of unknown files in the View logs window (with the heights of the columns changing as needed to remain valid in real-time).

Am I understanding your wish correctly, or is there something else which you would like to see?


Noooo, not 2 other graphs… I guess it’s the language barrier fault. In the “View logs” Section, there’s the “Security Events” graph. This only has a brief summary of all the work that CIS has done… Then you have detailed information about Protection, Cloud, Updates… etc…

I suggest creating a realtime graph, similar to Avast’s realtime data graph, showing the last scanned files (my fault, I didn’t put that in the picture), webprotection, firewall intrusions blocked, etc etc etc. See the picture in my first post about the avast realtime graph. It’s a wave graph with each wave referring to a type of protection and having a different colour.
If Comodo had a similiar one, I would also suggest that if you clicked on a wave, it would show which files were blocked, detected, scanned, etc etc etc…

The user could still select each log to see past events as it is now. But the realtime graph would give… realtime information about each component (in the last 2 or 5min), without the user selecting a log, and refreshing it by hand.

Maybe it’s a stupid idea. Maybe it would also become confusing to the user… I dunno.

Now I think I’m understanding this wish much better. I’ve edited your first post. Please look it over and see if I have now correctly captured this wish.

Also, I altered the title of this Wish Request to refer specifically to CIS. The reason for this is just simplicity. Whatever is added to CIS will also be available in the other versions.


I also updated my first post with a new Graph suggestion. It only adds a description to “Last scanned files” and a small list of them.

The graph you offered does not look like the one Avast has. I actually think that your original idea was great. There could be a real-time graph, which looks a lot like the pic you posted from Avast. It could have a different line for each protection component. Then, if you hold your cursor over the line, or perhaps the name of the component, it could show you the last files scanned. That seems like a very elegant solution.

What do you think?


You’re right! Sorry if I mislead you in anyway. I just used the column graph (copy pasted a few times) to show where the line graph could be. Didn’t have the patience to sketch some lines to make them “feel real” lol. But I just added another one. It was made in Paint, so bare with me. At least, if this wish goes forward, the developers will have a few ideas to build it from.

Okay, I’ve made a few changes to the first post, and removed the bar-graph which was originally there. Does everything seem correct to you?


Yup 8)

That’s great to hear. I just added a poll. Does the wording seem correct?

It’s perfect 8)

Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. I have now moved this to the WAITING AREA.

Please be sure to vote for your own wish, and for any other wishes you also support. It is also worthwhile to vote against wishes you think would be a waste of resources, as implementing those may slow down the wishes you would really like to see added.

Thanks again.

I’m sorry, but as it has been 6 months since the Wish Request has been submitted, and it has not received the required 15 points, I am forced to move this Wish Request to Rejected. I hope you understand.

Please note that if you wish you are allowed to create a new Wish Request for this same wish as long as you wait at least 1 month since the time it was moved to Rejected. This only applies to Wish Requests which were moved to Rejected because they sat in the Waiting Area for 6 months without receiving the necessary 15 points, and were moved to Rejected only for that reason.

Thank you.


I’m not sure of the timeline but now when looking at the voting it has 15.5 point, 14 from yes and 1.5 from maybe, if you have the ability to check the timeline to see if the required votes were had before moving or if they came afterwards? And also, even if the votes were acquired afterwards, given the very short time it was, could rules not be stretched a little?

im just following the guidelines chiron has created.

Were the 15.5 points not reached before the topic was moved? (Is it possible to check vote history?)

No where we give the wish 6 months to get the 20 total votes 15 being yes. This wish did not reach 15 yes votes or 20 total in 6 months.

Those were the old rules, now it’s 15 points, not 15 yes votes, one yes vote means 1 point, one maybe vote means ½ point and one no vote means 0 points, it also doesn’t need to reach 20 votes if it has reached 15 points before 20 votes has been put. I’m very sure of this as I worked with Chiron via PM to come to those rules. The question is whether the wish reached 14 yes votes and 3 maybe votes (resulting in 15.5 points) before the 10th of this month?