Add: Previously sandboxed apps Function, similar to Unblock Applications in CIS[M2346]

1. What actually happened or you saw:

No way to check what programs was previously sandboxed and be available to modifiy the settings directly.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

Add Previously sandboxed apps to CCAV. similar to Unblock Applications in CIS/CF

3. Why you think it is desirable:

So the user can check what applications have been recently sandboxed, when they was away from the pc,
And so you dont have to enter the log and check what was running inside the sandbox and then go to settings to add exclusions or to run the program again to add to exclusions.

4. Any other information, screenshots etc:

2 pic

Note: i prefer the layout of “Previously sandboxed apps 2.png” over the Unblocked Applications layout in CIS, for CCAV

Orginal idea:;msg864659#msg864659

Thanks BlueTesta

Yes, High Priority

Dev know the reason to introduce “Unblock Applications” in CIS. It make the job super easy & simple to know what all files/programs were sandboxed, & improves the usability a lot.

Comodo provides superior protection with AutoSandbox, & usability features/options make Comodo/AutoSandbox easy or easy enough to use. “Unblock Applications” is one such feature. It provide simple & easy way to know & unblock sandboxed files/programs.
As an Admin, I can check my family systems, & easy to know & allow the files/programs sandboxed.

Indeed :-TU

No problem :slight_smile:

Added a example for the widget.

Really great idea that should be in Comodo products. Please take a look at this concept. It’s too simple to implement to hold off on. Should imo be combined with some other improvements here:

and here:;msg862218#msg862218

These improvements together would add a billion pounds of credibility to the TVL, improve the place of HIPS, and also make the program safer to use. Users would understand their choices way better. That is as long as unblocked keep their “unrecognized” designation. This designation could prove very helpful for Comodo with Viruscope and so on. This part is just my opinion, but this original ideas here are really great and look very simple to implement…


agree, Thanks :-TU

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Previously sandboxed apps 3

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