Add password-protected process restart.

There are times when one of the CIS processes acts up, and I’d like to be able to terminate and restart either just the offending process or the entire application. Sometimes cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe start using lots of CPU cycles, and sometimes the GUI just hangs, and there’s nothing to do but reboot.

Task Manager and other similar utilities report that you don’t have sufficient rights or permissions to terminate these processes even if you’re logged in as an administrator. I realize that these processes are protected so that malware can’t shut them down. However, if there was a way to reach a dialog box that would restart either an offending process or the entire app once you’ve entered a password (the password would be chosen during installation) this would be a big improvement. By allowing only a restart, you’d be protected against inadvertently shutting down a process and leaving it shut down.

Another approach would be to have a password-protected option to temporarily lower the rights needed so an administrator could terminate a process. Each of the processes could be modified to detect when any of them are stopped and automatically restart them.