Add Other AdBlock Filter Lists


Before PrivDog I’ve used AdBlock or AdBlock Plus. Both extensions allow us to add some special adblock filters (such as Fanboy Annoying List, Language-specific adblock lists).

I wish PrivDog allows to add such kind of adblock filters. Because it cannot block Turkish ads completely.

If you find any ads which are not blocked/replaced please report them in this topic.


agreed +1

my firefox extension adblock-plus let me send report on extension. when I see an ad that not blocked. I choose “report ıssue on this page” and then I select ad with a rectengular shape, then I send :-TU

This feature must be in PrivDog. It will be helpfull for every user no matter wherever thay are. Because some of privdog user do not know the reporting on forum. :frowning: They do not have to see ads :-TD

Agreed. Please see this wish.